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This is why you trigger me.

When you're a woman like me, you put your dukes up to prepare for every fight that comes your way: from salary, to how you're treated as a professional, to other women's judgment, to defending your body shape and your body choices... But even more, you defend the way others in a spot just as vulnerable as yourself are treated.

You're not fighting to win a prize; you are fighting to be acknowledged, to be respected, and to be left the fuck alone. You, human-human, cannot sit silent in the dialogue in which rights are lumped into politics. Because even if those rights were not guaranteed by law, they would still be rights.

And so here are the ways in which the classic agree-er to disagree triggers the multitudes and me:

- You lament times you never really experienced. You were barely cognizant when prayer was allowed in school, and you never lived in a world where abortion was illegal. You think turning back the clock is the answer for everyone, including yourself, without realizing that you, too, would be equally oppressed if such decisions were overturned. This is partly because...

- You refuse to acknowledge the role that immigration plays in keeping the economy healthy. In a world which inevitably turned more diverse as you focused on... YOU!... meanwhile, immigrants-turned-citizens made moves to improve the economy you benefit from. Many of these people were not raised in the Judeo-Christian faith and they do not see you as the arbiters of their own faith. You want prayer back in school, well, it's going to be all religions, all prayers. Call to prayer at 4pm included.

And while we're on the topic...

- You act as if you know the first thing about immigration. You are (probably) not an immigration expert, but how easily you opine on things you know jack-shit about. And, by the way, you have at least 12 people in your life who "came here illegally" - including asylees, because that first step is "not legal" - and so, you are talking about THEM when you say you are "only in favor of legal immigration."

And finally....!

- You think you have a horse in every fucking race. Oh my word. Let's say... you are a straight, failed stand-up comedian, a teacher, a small-business-owner, a stay-at-home parent...WITH AN OPINION ON LGBT MARRIAGE. Perhaps you are spitefully trying to hide your own preferences (and trying to make sure no one else gets to have fun), but tell me true: why the fuck do you care about gay marriage? You have already proven you're not willing to fall on your sword for "scripture" at every turn, and if you need any reminders, just ask the little potatoes that remember every jerky thing you have done and subjected others to. We know your opinion that LGBT marriage is "unholy" is as backed up as the rest of your half-assed version of your faith, so.

This is why you trigger me, and more than 50 percent of the planet.

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