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Yo Soy Loi Loi

Wellness meets 42nd St

Welcome to Yo Soy Loi Loi, a blog dedicated to MY truth...

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Accent Changes: Natural, or Fakery?

As a linguist (MA, University of Florida, 2006), I live for accents and dialects. I have witnessed my own accents - in English, Chinese,...

Smoking, Lovers: Six Stories

The fact is that we all need to experience what we need to experience, with whom we need these experiences, when we need to experience them.

This is why you trigger me.

I'm not fighting to win a prize; I'm fighting to be acknowledged, respected, and to be left the f&!k alone.

Rolling with Changes during COVID

Everyone's truth comes out eventually, it just differs in how many others it will take down with it. Be your 100% your authentic self.

He does not love you back.

You are loved. Don't chase phantoms of greatness at the cost of staying human.

Dear self: Suck it up, Buttercup

I feel it is necessary to reach out to all the cool people who helped me with a word, a gig, or a cool attitude, and say- can I help?

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